Tye Forde Pop Art Artist


Welcome to my website my name is Tye Forde. I have a great passion for all types of art. I am a self taught artist with no formal art qualifications or training. I just create weird and unusual pieces that I either find amusing or I just want to express myself. I have a studio at The Cube Art Centre, High Street, Erdington, Birmingham.

I’m certainly no professional artist and not graduated via art college or university. In fact i haven’t done any art courses whatsoever. My art pieces are often simple to make you think and whether it makes you smile, laugh or cry then that’s good. I believe in strongly in recycling so I recycle reuse materials as often as I can. My artist journey is self financed. Artists will either make thousands or even millions or are skint and struggle along to make a living.


The above piece called “Endgame” is being exhibited at The Ort Gallery, Moseley Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham on till 28th September 2019

I consider my style to be kind of Pop Art/urban/abstract more modern with a twist each piece sends a message to the art fan. I’m a contemporary artist so its rare you will find me painting landscapes etc I like to do statement pieces regarding whats going on in the world or whats happened. My ideas just come looking at current views with a creative aspect. I have a very dry sarcastic sense of humour which I will use in some art pieces.

The Mona Lisa 2019 on view at The Arches, Adderley Street, Digbeth, B9 4EE

Some Abstract BDSM Lesbians

I’ve tried being the normal guy, but it gets so fecking boring. So now im back to being myself its certainly alot more fun.

Tye Forde – Birmingham Pop Art Artist

Bizarre Soup Triangle can be viewed at The Ort Gallery, Moseley Road, Balsall Heath on till September 28th
“Look into my eyes” Salvador Dali painted canvas shown at an Exhibition in Digbeth, Birmingham 2019


“Son of Man 2019” Rene Magritte Tribute Piece shown at The Arches, Digbeth, Birmingham exhibition 2019

Thanks for browsing my website please come back check as I will be updating regularly. Follow my blog Any Art for Sale – Yes I do sell and some of my work can be viewed at various exhibitions locally or contact me info(AT)tyeforde.com

Please share my website and works any media companies galleries art dealers welcome to get in touch. Welcome to share on social media please copy my name website in any correspondence. You must seek permission first or else i’ll hunt you down and steal your goldfish and smoke your secret stash of weed.

3 thoughts on “Tye Forde Pop Art Artist

  1. I set up a traditional monthly irish traditional session at the New Inn Summer Road Erdington. Have a look at the pictures on our FB page “New Inn Traditional Music sessions” Would you be interested in capturing a session either live or through some of the pictures. If you are interested then we could have a chat.


  2. HI TYE,

    I met you on Saturday at the Cube in Erdington and took some photos. I’d like to send them to you but need an email address please.

    Femma Anderson


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