Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery

I’m pleased to confirm that Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery have some of my pieces available for you to view and purchase.

Tye Forde Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery

Tye Forde is a self taught, modern artist from Birmingham. He uses mainly upcycled materials to create unique, fun art pieces and his main influences vary from McQueen, Da Vinci, Dali, Arsham to Banksy.

Tye Forde credit to Photographer Femma Anderson @andersonfemma

He likes to explore different methods of applying paint to the canvas and his pieces are often reflective of the old art masters or music legends. Often his pieces will have hidden messages with thought provoking issues. Tye’s art pieces are Pop Art or Abstract Art. He was originally a graffiti artist in the late 80s doing a form of “Tagging” but after repeated arrests for vandalism he no longer does any. Instead you can enjoy some of Tye’s current original pieces here at The BCAG.