The Abstract Comedian Pop Art Abstract


The Abstract Comedian Pop Art Abstract

Maurizio Cattelan created a stir in the contemorary art world with his “Comedian” piece at the Art Basel in Miami.

If you visit my blog on this website i stuck 50 real bananas around Birmingham with the text wrote on them “What Is Art?” Tye Forde

I admire Maurizio Cattelan’s ‘Comedian,’ piece so i have created my take on it. I have called it The Abstract Comedian.

The Abstract Comedian by Tye Forde

The banana i have used is a false one and i’ve added a Fyffes banana sticker to it make look more realistic. With this piece cheaper than $120,000 the artwork doesnt go off and nobody can eat it.

If they do have a sore tummy and sore bum!

Tye Forde Abstract Comedian Art Piece

I’ve used silver duct tape and taped it to a 30″ x 20″ box canvas that i have painted in my style keeping the theme of banana yellow and black. 



20"W by 30"H Box canvas painted using black/yellow acrylics and emulsions. Replica banana added with duct tape paint on canvas has been clear lacquered.