The Trophy – Star Wars Art


This is a popular piece a replica full scale helmet of Star Wars The Force Awakens Stormtrooper made from fibreglass this was done for me by a friend. The helmet has been sanded and painted. This took many hours filling in smoothing out.

I then added some antique “Real” antelope horns that i purchased from an antiques centre many years ago. I loved the horns and had a plan to create something with them.

These have been fixed to the helmet.

I then have scuffed up the helmet make look “Battle Worn” added some fake blood in a hand print. The helmet has been lacquered. Simply rests onto a pole with a base to display the helmet freely.

I named the “THE TROPHY” due to all the male testosterone thinking they are real men with Tigers, Bears heads as Trophies within the Shooting Hunting Industry.

PRICE £2500